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The Best Lacrosse Camps for Developing Youth Players


"After watching my son do drills at several different camps, I wasn't happy with the coaching to help him improve, so we signed up for your camp and you could really see the difference.  How you ran the drills, how you get the message across to the kids, and the techniques you coached were so spot on it really helped my son improve.  You run the best camps for developing youth players that we attended in the area."  ~ Robert M. 2019 Parent


Our Focus;

  • Youth players getting quality coaching and using the right drills to address deficiencies

  • Making camp successful for everyone attending by creating a balance between training and fun. 

  • Our coaches are some of the best players/coaches from Washington that really care about our own youth players.

  • We attract advanced players looking for that technical edge to compete and the players starving for experienced coaches.

  • We deliver a great value and offer activities to keep everyone coming back year-after-year. 

  • Take advantage of our camp schedule and locations and get registered, space is limited.


PRICE - Field Player

$250 - Early Registration by March 31st, 2024

$295 - Registration April1st, 2024 until deadline

$325 - Late Registration (2 weeks prior to camp start date)

PRICE - Goalie 

$150 - Early Registration by March 31st, 2024

$195 - Registration April 1st, 2024 until deadline

$225 - Late Registration (2 weeks prior to camp start date)

Camp Swag

Reversible Jersey

Water bottle Decal

Lacrosse Ball

Camp Awards - Lax Gear

Camp Hours all 3-Days

9 am - 4 pm

July 29 - 31, 2024

Pasco, WA

August 6 - 8, 2024

Enumclaw, WA

August 13 - 15, 2024

Bellingham, WA


  • *Players must have a minimum of 1-year of playing experience and have their own gear. 

  • Contact us for special circumstances, i.e. - experience, gear, issues, health or safety, etc. 

  • You will receive a Welcome Packet with camp information the week prior to camp.


  • Cooler w/ ice 

  • Extra T-shirts & socks (if really sweaty)

  • Sunscreen / chap-stick

  • Comfortable shoes/slides

  • Band-Aids (blisters)

  • Baby Powder (jock itch/rash)

NOTE: Camp 1st Aid Kit and extra water will be provided.


  • Lacrosse Helmet

  • Lacrosse Pads - shoulder, elbow, and gloves

  • Goalies - Chest protector and throat protector

  • Stick (s)

  • Athletic Cup

  • Mouth Guard

  • Cleats

  • Lunch and snacks

  • Water bottle



Typical Day at Camp:
Days are very scripted with goals to accomplish & build upon to prep for the following day.

9 AM -
10 AM -
11 AM -
12 PM -
1 PM -
2 PM -
3 PM -
4 PM -

Check-in / Role Call, plyometrics, speed, & agility work

Every-day stick skill warm-up drills (right & left handed)
Defense positioning & footwork, Clearing & Riding details
Lunch Break & Down Time

Fast-break attacking techniques, defensive team sliding & small group drills
Position Specific Work (LSM, Face-off, Goalie, Dodging, Long-toss, etc.)
Offensive motion & sets & Defensive team play, slides and rotations then scrimmage



Director/Head Coach
Mark Funkhouser

  • Sports Management Degree - WSU

  • Owner Total Sports LLC

    • PNW Maniax Select Lacrosse 

    • Eastern WA Rattlers Select Lacrosse

    • NW Lax Fest Tournament - DIPG Awareness Event​

  • Past President South Sound Youth Lacrosse League

  • Past Athletic Director Hornets Youth Lacrosse Club

  • Past Head Coach White River HS 

  • Past Head Coach Lake Tapps Lacrosse Club

  • Former WSU Men's Lacrosse Team - Mid-Fielder

  • Former UPS Men's Lacrosse Team - Attack

Coach Mark Fanatix Lacrosse Camp 2021

Assistant Coach
Josh Davenport

  • Current Head Coach Selah High School

  • Current Director Eastern Washington Rattlers Lacrosse

  • Past Coach PNW Select Maniax Lacrosse - 6 Years

  • Current Coach Fanatix Lacrosse Camp

  • Past Assistant Coach White River HS - 2 Years

  • Former Boise State University - Mid-Fielder 

  • Former Lake Tapps Titans - Mid-Fielder 

Coach Josh Fanatix Lacrosse Camp

Matt Funkhouser

  • Past Coach PNW Select Maniax Lacrosse 

  • Current Coach Fanatix Lacrosse Camp 

  • Past Colorado Mesa University (NCAA DII) Attack ​​

  • Past White River HS Attack 

    • All Conference 

  • Past Honors

    • All Star - UMASS Blue Chip Camp

    • All Star - Adrenaline Showcase Tournament 

bham camp 2023_edited_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Collin Custer

  • Current Trine University (NCAA DIII) Mid-Fielder

  • Past Coach PNW Select Maniax Lacrosse 

  • Current Coach Fanatix Lacrosse Camp 

  • Past Graham Kapowsin HS - Mid-Fielder 

    • All Conference 

Coach Collin Trine University

AJ Gilbert

  • Current Dominican University (NCAA DIII) Mid-Fielder

    • Captain​

  • Current Coach Fanatix Lacrosse Camp

  • Past Curtis High School - Mid-Fielder 

    • All-Conference​

Coach AJ 2023_edited_edited.jpg

Mason Scott

  • Current Boise State University (MCLA) Mid-Fielder 

  • Current Coach Fanatix Lacrosse Camp

  • Past Tahoma High School - Mid-Fielder 

    • All Conference 

Coach Mason 2023_edited.jpg

Johnny Cole

  • Current Colorado S.U. - Pueblo (NCAA DII) Attack

  • Current Coach Fanatix Lacrosse Camp

  • Past White River HS - Mid-Fielder 

    • All Conference 

Coach Johnney 2023_edited.jpg

Garrison Hanses

  • Current Coach Fanatix Lacrosse Camp

  • Past Liberty High School - Defender

    • All Conference  

Coach Garrison 2023_edited.jpg

Dakota Arledge

  • Past Assistant Coach White River HS - 2 Years

  • Past Coach PNW Select Maniax Lacrosse 

  • Current Coach Fanatix Lacrosse Camp

  • Past White River HS - Mid-Fielder 

    • All Conference 

Coach Dakota Maniax Lacrosse


"Once we attended this camp the difference in what my son learned was so obvious in comparison to the big name traveling camp he had attended prior.  This camp was all about lacrosse and detailed instruction."  My kid learned a ton! 

~ Howard C. 2022 Parent

"Coach Mark is the 'lacrosse whisperer' he has the knowledge, passion and experience to see the small details that make a big difference and knows how to translate it to kids lingo. Coach Mark along with all his coaches are past players having played at the collegiate level".  My son appreciated their experience and how they translated it to the kids. 


                                                                            ~ Darlene S. 2022 Parent

"This was my sons first lacrosse camp and I have to say he loved every minute of it.  Every afternoon when I came to pick him up he didn't want to go home.  As a new player I assumed he would learn a few things but I was blown away by what the coaching staff was able to teach him each day. He said he learned more in one day then he did al season."  Definatly going back next year! 

                                                                             ~ Michelle S. 2018 Parents

"I have participated in sports my entire life, from a multi-sport high school athlete, a collegiate athlete, and as a coach for many youth sports.  I have been exposed to many coaches over the years and I rate Mark as one of the best.  He has a great balance of skills that make him stand out as a successful coach.  He is clearly passionate for the game, demonstrates expertise in many sports, has an exceptional ability to teach, his competitive attitude is unmatched, his sportsmanship and respect of the game brings higher meaning to teamwork and competition.  Mark is not only a highly effective coach, but a great mentor for the many youth he interacts with."  Experienced staff, mentors and respect for the game.              ~ M.T. 2015 Parent


Pasco, WA

July 29 - 31

Enumclaw, WA

August 7 - 9

Bellingham, WA

August 14 - 16


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